Kansas City, MO


The Fast Growth 150 list recognizes solution providers that have been the fastest growing over a two-year period based on gross revenue increases from 2011 to 2013. These solution providers have demonstrated exceptional business finesse in order to thrive despite a turbulent IT economy.


At Valorem Consulting, we are honored to be recognized on the CRN’s Fast Growth 150 list. We value our accomplishments by the success of our clients and thank them for helping us achieve this recognition. As an IT consulting company, we are able to give our clients specific solutions that are built on the latest technologies and organizational needs. As the technology industry continues to move to more mobile and cloud-based environments, our experienced team helps our clients grow and migrate with technology in order to stay competitive. We have had considerable growth in the past two years due to our commitment of providing the latest business technology solutions and industry-leading support for our customers as well as fostering a competitive and educational environment in which our employees thrive.


Highlights on the Fast Growth 150 list are featured in the October issue of CRN and can be viewed online at www.crn.com.