Senior AI Engineer

Kochi, Kerala Valorem Reply, India - Data + AI Permanent (Full Time)

Valorem Reply is an award-winning digital transformation firm focused on delivering data-driven enterprise, IT modernization, customer experience, product transformation and digital workplace. Through the expertise of their people and power of Microsoft technologies, they provide hyper-scale and agile delivery of unique digital business services, strategic business models and design-led user experiences. Their innovative strategies and solutions securely and rapidly transform the way their clients do business.
We are hiring AI Engineers to join our team. This position will require an understanding of how AI is positioned to meet business objectives and how AI translates to business and enterprise value. It will involve implementing AI solutions through people, processes, and technology. This is a hands-on role involving consulting, leading, coding, and delivering sophisticated AI solutions. Projects will span from workshops to comprehensive enterprise-level deployments. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with the Azure AI platform, and the implementation of enterprise solutions will be required.


  • Consulting with stakeholders to identify opportunities for AI integration, advising on best practices, and tailoring AI strategies to meet business objectives
  • Defining project requirements clearly, designing robust solution architectures, and ensuring alignment with business goals and technical capabilities
  • Leading the development and implementation of AI-driven solutions, managing the entire AI project lifecycle, including data collection, model training, deployment, and monitoring. Demonstrated expertise in Microsoft Azure AI services and proficiency in leveraging OpenAI technologies is essential.
  • Facilitating cross-functional collaboration, working closely with technical and non-technical teams to deliver outstanding service to customers and ensure the successful integration of AI solutions into business processes
  • Staying updated on the latest advancements in AI and Generative AI, and advising teams on integrating cutting-edge techniques, to enhance project outcomes and drive innovation
  • Minimum Requirements

  • Education: Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or a related field
  • Interpersonal & Business Acumen: Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage effectively with stakeholders and understand customer needs deeply. A proven ability to translate complex requirements into actionable AI solutions that meet business objectives.
  • Technical Expertise:
  • 5 years of professional software engineering experience in Azure, including proficiency in .NET, C#, OR Python
    3 years of experience with relational and nonrelational databases such as SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc.
    3 years of experience with DevOps tools and processes such as ADO, GitHub, Docker or Kubernetes
    Demonstrated experience with Azure AI and Azure Open AI solution design and production delivery, highlighting proficiency in natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics

    Preferred Qualifications

  • ·         Experience working directly with business stakeholders for a consulting company or large enterprise organization
  • ·         Full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations experience
  • ·         Developing cloud software services and an understanding of design for scalability, performance, and reliability in Azure
  • ·         Experience with open-source Generative AI models, fine-tuning, prompt engineering, responsible AI practices, and managing an organization’s models
  • Kochi, Kerala

    Senior AI Engineer