Lead Software Engineer

Atlanta | Chicago | Detroit area | Kansas City | Philadelphia area Valorem Reply, US - IT Modernization Full Time

Please note: This role requires individuals to be within driving distance from our office locations or willing to relocate to Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City or Philadelphia.

Valorem Reply is an award-winning digital transformation firm focused on delivering data-driven enterprise, IT modernization, customer experience, product transformation and digital workplace. Through the expertise of their people and power of Microsoft technologies, they provide hyper-scale and agile delivery of unique digital business services, strategic business models and design-led user experiences. Their innovative strategies and solutions securely and rapidly transform the way their clients do business.

At Valorem Reply we are seeking a Lead Software Engineer with a passion for managing teams and using technology to engineer solutions that creatively solve problems to deliver business value. The role requires a broad and deep capability to map a client's problem domain to a fully developed end state solution. As part of a team that provides project-based consulting, you will have the opportunity to work in multiple industry verticals, working on multiple teams and projects. 


  • Manage a team of developers, delivering honest, career enhancing feedback regularly
  • Mentor and guide the team members in enhancing their technical capabilities and increasing productivity 
  • Understand project scopes, architectural diagrams and requirements to further breakdown more granular requirements and implementing them as part of a project team 
  • Promote the organization's present technology within a team  
  • Minimum Requirements

  • 10 years of experience with C#, including Development, diagnosing and debugging, Classes, Interfaces, Delegates and Events, Generics, Anonymous methods and lambda expressions, Exceptions, transactions and error handling, .NET Framework 3.5 and higher 
  • 5 years of designing and analyzing distributed systems
  • Experience developing web based interfaces, including React, MVC, Angular and HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Typescript, Modern, multi-device and form factor Single Page Applications 
  • Microsoft Azure, including Web Apps and Cloud Services (web roles and worker roles), SQL Azure, BLOB and Table storage, Service Bus, Queues and Topics, Azure Management, including deployments, configuration, and the SDK 
  • Understanding and implementing software design patterns, including Basic OO concepts such as encapsulation and abstraction, SOLID principles such as single responsibility, dependency injection and interface-driven design  
  • 10 years with database development in SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher, including T-SQL, Tables and Views, Procedures and Functions 
  • Experience with software modeling and diagraming, including: Reference Architecture, Use Case, Process Flow, Call Chain diagrams (UML or other), Entity Relationship diagrams, Logical layer, physical layer diagrams
  • Atlanta | Chicago | Detroit area | Kansas City | Philadelphia area

    Lead Software Engineer