Please join us for a casual mixer event on the Valorem HQ roof in the Crossroads district of downtown KC. 

  • Enjoy some pizza & beer while you unwind and take in the gorgeous view.
  • Mingle, network, brainstorm and share your thoughts about how Cloud Security is playing an important role in your company.
  • Meet Leonard Volling, Valorem's Director of Enterprise & Security.


Leonard will be discussing the following:

  1. Evolving your defense in depth strategies to provide security coverage in a cloud and mobile world.
  2. The new reality brings with it new areas that require protection.
  3. Extending your environment to the cloud and embracing the new mobile perimeter & understanding the importance of your responsibilities as it relates to security.
  4. Discovering the frameworks, tactics, and tools best suited to help you execute a sound cloud and mobile security strategy.


We hope that this kick-off event will lead to future gatherings and are looking forward to seeing you soon!