Learn how to leverage Artificial Intelligence for your software solutions.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once the ethereal dream of science fiction, but today we experience an ever-increasing number of intelligent solutions powered by AI. Problems formerly restricted to intensive human analysis can now be refined to algorithms which empower your most valuable resources to focus on more complex challenges. If you build and provide technology to customers, AI represents the next big innovation wave that can deliver real value to software companies like yours.


We will survey the broad technological landscape, highlight key advancements in AI, and demonstrate the possibilities enabled by tools currently available to your business. Microsoft’s rich portfolio of AI tools is now available to help you build intelligence and solve complex business challenges, without a huge upfront investment and learning curve. Don't miss the current wave of AI innovation. Join us to learn how you can apply these advanced tools to create value to your customers.


At this in-person event, we will review the basics of these technologies and dive deeply into the value that you can deliver to your customers and business through these capabilities.





Harsha Viswanathan

Business Presenter

Doug Holland

Technical Presenter

Andrew Fletcher, Vice President of Data Analytics