Your business generates a huge amount of information every day, but are you putting that data to work for you?  Instead of wasting time digging through multiple data sources, you need technology that allows you to connect to your data sources, simplify data prep, and quickly analyze. 
This 3-hour hands-on session will give you the opportunity to try it for yourself by test driving the latest technology on a state of the art device. A trained facilitator will guide you as you apply these tools to your own business scenarios and experience how they can work for you.  
9:00 – 9:10 am – Introductions
9:10 – 9:30 am – Roundtable discussion
9:30 – 11:40 am – Hands-on immersion experience
11:40 – 12:00 pm – Closing discussions
During this interactive session, you will explore how to:
  • Locate and organize large amounts of data from multiple sources
  • Visualize complex data and identify trends quickly without having to be a BI expert
  • Find and collaborate with company experts on the fly, even if they work in another part of the country
  • Gather colleague’s opinions easily and eliminate communication and process bottlenecks
What to expect:
  • No slides, demos or sales pitches!
  • A uniquely customized experience based on the interests and priorities of you and your colleagues
  • A facilitator to conduct the roundtable discussion and then guide you through the hands-on experience 
Each session is limited to 10 participants. Reserve your seat now.