Microsoft Ignite

The latest insights from technology leaders and practitioners who are on the frontier of innovation and technology.

Microsoft Ignite is an annual user conference to help business leaders and IT professionals from around the world learn about and get hands-on with the latest Microsoft products and partner solutions. Throughout the week, technology leaders and practitioners share innovative insights and ideas on using cloud computing, data, cyber security, and more to shape the future of business. Valorem Reply is honored to be an exhibitor and session speaker this year!

Booth #635 Elements of IoT

Meet the Valorem Reply and other Reply network partners at booth #635 in the Partner Solution Zone. We will be demo’ing some exciting IoT solutions that demonstrate how to leverage the paradigms of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things to drive real change across your supply chain.


IoT in a Box

Experience the art of what’s possible through AR and IoT-enabled remote monitoring and equipment repair. In this demo, we show the capabilities of IoT and Digital Twins to reduce downtime, extend the life of equipment and train front-line workers in a simulated industrial setting. Participants will first visualize real-time telemetry data streaming in from a remote device that is monitoring machinery and experience a “failure” scenario.  Users will then assume the role of a field services worker and follow a step-by-step guide to repair the machine that failed. These scenarios illustrate how advanced analytics, immersive experiences and cloud computing can help you close the data loop to optimize operations, forecast events and respond in real-time despite geographic barriers.



VeriLite is an easy online solution that enables wholesalers,  pharmacies , doctors, hospitals and wider care organizations to meet the regulatory requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) that came into effect on February 9, 2019 in the EU. Should you ever be unlucky enough to come across a potential falsified medicine, VeriLite will alert you. A unique alert ID code will then be produced and attached to the falsified pack, allowing it to be safely returned. VeriLite requires no installation as it is delivered from the Microsoft Azure Cloud to your local browser. As such VeriLite will overtime evolve to take advantage of technology advancements and to ensure that it remains completely in line with the FMD.


Smart Manufacturing

Transform your Factory into a Smart Connected Factory integrating the power of Microsoft Azure and IoT Hub with the Manufacturing Digital Platform (MDP). MDP enables you to collect and analyze data from devices and legacy systems to: monitor production lines, identify anomalies, check quality, and build intelligent Apps.


Connected Car Diagnostics

Remote diagnostic solutions monitor the health of a vehicle, determine the root cause of problems and provide real-time information of vehicle parameters to assess its performance. Our Connected Car demo will illustrate how you can build a modern, user-oriented, cloud-based solution with microservice architecture for connected cars in an agile project.




In this session, we’ll share a few real-world examples of how emerging technologies like IoT, AI, and Digital Twins are already bringing transformational change to modern business operations. We’ll show you how device telemetry, when combined with AI, can make powerful forecasts and analysis to help you achieve operational efficiency, bottom line impact and transformational outcomes. We’ll also discuss Digital Twins and innovative ways to visualize data for increased access to real-time information across your organization despite geographic barriers.

Date & Time: Thursday, November 7, 12:05PM – 12:25PM

Location: Orange County Convention Center, Theater 7

Speaker: Justin Jackson, President of Delivery, Valorem Reply




The Compliance Immersion Workshop is a hands-on walk through demonstrating how Microsoft 365 is uniquely positioned to help you meet your compliance obligations. This workshop focuses on Information Protection & Governance with integrated tools that allow you to know, protect, and govern your data.

Dates:  Tuesday, November 5th and Thursday, November 7:  several sessions throughout the day

Location: Orange County Convention Center

Facilitators: Steve Cummings, VP, Business Solutions & Security and Leonard Volling, Director, Enterprise & security both from Valorem Reply