Every enterprise today strives to use data as the basis for strategic decision making, companywide. However, as this hunger for data grows, so too do the methods and tools each team uses to collect, store and analyze it. As these silos build, it becomes challenging to harness the true power of all the great insight your business units are collecting.

In this workshop we’ll cover some best practices for using Azure Databricks and Apache Spark to centralize and connect all of your data sources to quickly surface value for your organization. Join our Business Intelligence experts and learn how unified analytics can bring data science and engineering together to accelerate your BI efforts.


    • Configuring Environment for Automation
      • Users
      • Workspace
      • Secrets/Scopes
      • Clusters/Jobs
    • Connecting to Data Sources with Event-Driven Architecture
      • SQL
      • Storage
      • Event Hub
    • Improving Accuracy with Delta Lake
      • Bronze Zone
      • Silver Zone
      • Gold Zone
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
      • Exploring External Sources
      • Exploring Data in Query Zone
      • Data Visualization, Profiling etc.
    • Data Engineering using Apache Spark
      • Pyspark
      • SQL
      • Scala