The next wave of digital disruption in the future of business is spatial computing and the AR Cloud. The AR Cloud is a machine-readable computer vision map of the real world with persistent and shareable virtual objects through spatial computing that blend the physical and digital worlds into one.


Valorem Reply is hosting a webinar for executives who are looking ahead. We’ll cover the current state of technology and why Spatial Computing with VR/AR/Mixed Reality will be key for Industry 4.0, with the potential to dramatically change how humans interact with computers. During this 30-minute session, our Global Innovation, Research & Incubation Director will:

  •      Demonstrate what’s already possible with HoloLens Mixed Reality projects such as a Holographic Digital Twin and rendering huge 3D models on edge devices.
  •      Explain why the AR Cloud with Azure Spatial Anchors is positioned to disrupt the marketplace with enterprise and consumer use cases. 
  •      Provide a future perspective of Mixed Reality combined with AI Deep Learning for intelligent edge scenarios.

Join us to learn about creating your own large-scale, multi-user, and cross-platform shared mixed reality experiences with persisted virtual objects enhanced beyond the sensor view of edge mixed reality devices.