On the last Tuesday of each month, Valorem's Databricks Champions will host a live session for Databricks users and data enthusiasts to come together and learn more about Azure Databricks, improve their skills, share ideas, and collaborate on challenges. 


Presentation from Databricks Champions and Experts (30 Minutes)

Open Forum (30-45 Minutes)

Topics of the presentation will vary month to month covering new platform updates, best practice demos, and solutions for common challenges. Keep an eye on the schedule below for more details on each month's presentation.

March Topic:
We'll be focusing on the Data Lakehouse model being popularized by Databricks and Microsoft including:
  • Tools that facilitate the Data Lakehouse Model
  • Advantages of this model
  • How to reason about this model
We will also walk through the Lakehouse we've been building in the Wednesday Databricks Live Development sessions on YouTube.