At Microsoft, we understand that in the current economic climate you are being asked to enhance your business by leveraging data to make critical business decisions in an efficient, precise, and effective manner. A modern, compliant and unified enterprise BI platform for business analytics is easier than ever with our latest enterprise operational reporting capabilities we’ve brought to Power BI.


Paginated Reports in Power BI is built on the technology used for years in SQL Server Reporting Services, and allows you to create pixel-perfect reports that are optimized for printing and sharing across your organizations. With paginated reports, you can consolidate your self-service and enterprise reports in a unified, secure, enterprise-wide reporting platform accessible to any user across your organization.


Microsoft in partnership with Valorem Reply are pleased to invite you to a free 1-day workshop covering the capabilities of Paginated Reports in Power BI. The goal of this informational session is to empower you with the tools required to create, publish and distribute Power BI paginated reports. Whether you are a long time user of SSRS looking to move your reports to the cloud, or a Power BI Desktop author who has never created a paginated report before, this is the workshop for you.


At the end of the day, attendees will better understand how to:

  • Design report layouts
  • Connect to data sources to retrieve report data
  • Work with parameters
  • Visualize report data
  • Add interactive features
  • Publish, consume, deliver, and embed paginated reports