In today's data-driven world, it's more important than ever to make the most of your organization's data. In this webinar, we'll explore how other enterprise organizations have leveraged Azure Databricks and Lakehouse architecture to build a scalable platform, cut costs, centralize and protect data, and enable advanced workloads like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though the path to platform modernization looks different for each organization, the efficiency gains through automation, data democratization and modern workload readiness, ensures competitive edge. Join us to hear from Azure Databricks experts on how they have helped leading organizations accelerate their journey to Azure Databricks and drive business outcomes.


Topics will include:

  • The Business Value of Platform Modernization
  • Integrating Legacy to Modern System Data Sources
  • Unlocking Data Value with Artificial Intelligence
  • Success Stories From the Field – How Others Have Done It
  • How to Get Started


Erin Woodward

Erin Woodward
Manager, Data + AI at Valorem Reply

Erin works closely with business leaders to develop visionary programs to meet changing business needs and ensure goals are met. Her years of experience have given her an in-depth understanding of how augmented analytics are positioned to drive business decisions and how to design for real word applications of AI/ML in day to day life.

Scott Davis

Scott Davis
Technology Strategist at Valorem Reply

Scott focuses on building and managing data science platforms and analytics teams as a strategic leader and senior data scientist. He is currently focused on strategic implementations for modern data platforms, reporting & analytics platforms, data science platform, and data governance solutions.

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