AI, particularly Generative AI, is here to stay. Leveraging AI-based solutions has the potential to drive successful business outcomes in key areas such as Security, Modern Work, PowerApps, and GitHub. But how do IT and security leaders begin to address the unique risks with AI-powered tools that are on a hyper-accelerated deployment path? In part one of this roundtable series, our expert panelists will focus on the critical risks and security and governance actions that organizations need to consider as they look to Generative AI technologies to enhance applications and other workloads.

Topics include:

- Understanding the new and unique risks that AI poses to organizations.
- How to look at these risks through the lens of traditional risk mitigation strategies.
- How traditional risk management approaches will need to adapt to the unique nature of AI.


Norm Barber

Business Unit Leader, Security  at Valorem Reply


Liji Thomas

Manager- Data + AI
Valorem Reply

Steve Lazzara

Security Solutions Consultant at Valorem Reply

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