Moving your SAP data from on-prem to the cloud can be intimidating with many unknowns and potential challenges like system integrations, new security risks, managing cloud subscription costs and more. That’s why Azure Infrastructure and SAP experts, Valorem Reply and Syskoplan Reply, are joining forces to host a comprehensive webinar that explores the critical aspects of this transition. During this live event, we’ll provide you with some pro tips for shoring up your new SAP RISE platform after an SAP-led migration and low hanging fruit for taking advantage of your new cloud capabilities once migration is complete. Whether you’re interested in advanced analytics, AI/ML enablement, app innovation, or an enterprise grade security platform, SAP on Azure makes it easier to jump ahead to your business innovation goals. Join us to learn how!


Topics to Be Covered:

  • Tips for Migrating to SAP RISE on Azure Including:
    • Security 
    • Application Settings 
    • FinOps 
    • Exposing SAP Data to AI
    • Managed Support
  • Innovation and Market Adaptation with SAP on Azure:
    • Enterprise Security Platforms 
    • Cloud Scale Analytics
    • AI/ML 
    • Cloud ALM