When Microsoft 365 Copilot first launched, there were around 50 plugins available. Now, thousands of additional line-of-business and third-party plugins are available, but how can you realistically harness that power? Our experts are here to help you empower your organization with extensibility for Copilot for Microsoft 365! Leverage plugins and graph connectors to integrate your apps, services, and knowledge bases to Copilot, further leveraging its capabilities and increasing your team's productivity. 


Learn what resources you'll need to achieve this extension as well as what is currently out there. We will demonstrate extensibility in action so you can understand how to transform your user experience. Join us to learn how your organization can extend Copilot for Microsoft 365 to boost productivity and increase organizational efficiency.


Matt Carter

Senior Solutions Consultant at Valorem Reply

Herman Stashynski

Senior Software Engineer at WM Reply

Jose Navas

M365 Copilot Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

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