Meta Minutes – Bite-Sized Pieces of the MetaverseI am excited to announce our new video series called Meta Minutes. This new show has been planned on the lines of our immensely popular Quantum Computing show, QuBites. Although the show has Meta in its name, it’s not about the company, Meta but rather about the widely popular topic, Metaverse and all the different companies involved in this space - ranging from big tech players to small startups.

The Metaverse is a big trend right now and is becoming an increasingly popular topic among leaders preparing for the business of the future. This was also underlined at the recent Build conference where Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about Microsoft’s Metaverse approach and Mesh for Teams during his keynote. The Metaverse was on our 2022 list of Top 10 emerging tech trends and there’s little doubt it will continue to grow during this decade. We covered the Metaverse topic on our blog a few times and we would encourage you to read this Metaverse intro and Digital Human article to get a better picture of this broad field upfront. Of course, we will cover all of that also during Meta Minutes.

Since this show is about the Metaverse, we will also try to record some episodes inside of a Metaverse platform and you might also see me sometimes on the webcam represented as an avatar. In the episodes, we will condense complex topics related to the Metaverse into short bite-sized pieces that can be consumed in 10-20 minutes as quick snacks. One of the main objective for coming up with this show is to make this topic approachable for everyone, regardless of background or if they are just getting started with the Metaverse and related topics like XR/AR/VR/MR, Spatial Computing, 3D, web3, decentralized NFTs, Digital Humans, creator, and developer tools and much more. In our upcoming episodes, we will cover the impact of metaverse in today’s time, the future vision and where, we feel, the Metaverse could be heading. And for this, we will recruit a diverse set of expert guests from different backgrounds.

In the first episode, I will give an overview and an introduction of the Metaverse. The subsequent episodes will be more about a specific Metaverse topic with guests and we already have a couple of renowned industry experts scheduled for recordings and I’m excited to chat with them. Some of the topics that we have lined up for season 1 include:

  • Introduction to the Metaverse
  • Building the Metaverse and the Value-Chain
  • The Global XR and Metaverse Community
  • XR Metaverse Education and Diversity 
  • The Seven Rules of the Metaverse and the Potential 
  • The Decentralized Metaverse with Web3
  • Virtual Presence and Digital Humans 
  • Metaverse Quantified Trend Analysis 
  • Digital Fashion and Brands
  • The Decentralized Opportunity for Creators


We will start publishing in a few weeks during summer, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, our blog and to follow our social media channels to hear about the next episodes. We are also interested in recommendations, and we encourage audience suggestions for topics and guests. Just leave a comment, reach out via social or send an email to our Marketing Team.

We excited to go on the Metaverse journey together with expert guests and I hope you will join us for Meta Minutes, your bite-sized pieces of the Metaverse.

See you soon in the Metaverse.

Valorem and the global Reply network are here to help with our experienced teams already providing real ROI with the Metaverse and Spatial Computing (AR/VR/MR) for our clients. If you have a project in mind or simply want to know more about these topics, we would love to hear about it! Reach out to us as to schedule time with one of our industry experts.