iHeartRadio, a free online music and radio streaming service, provides access to over 1,500 Clear Channel radio stations coast-to-coast that are available anytime and anywhere. Users create their own custom commercial-free stations that are built from a vast catalog of over 20 million songs. When a track plays, listeners can like or dislike the song, which helps iHeartRadio’s music engine learn more about the listener’s musical tastes.



Provide a way for users to explore other content on the Xbox One while simultaneously allowing them to continue listening to and controlling their music.

iHeartRadio logo
iHeartRadio UI


We developed an integrated solution on the Xbox One for iHeartRadio. With Snap view integration, users can “Snap” the application to the side and continue listening to and controlling their music while exploring other content on the Xbox One.


Consumers can use Kinect voice and gesture recognition to control and interact with the content without using the controller. All of your favorite iHeartRadio features are customized for the Xbox One platform providing users with a seamless listening experience.

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