Operating in nearly 25 countries, a global integrated cash transportation network recognized the need to reassess its security posture and transition to a centrally managed security platform on an enterprise-wide scale. To initiate this transformative journey, Valorem Reply, a Microsoft Designated Security Solutions Partner, leveraged our Security Compass Framework. We took a holistic approach to assist in configuring a Microsoft Purview Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in two distinct phases. The first phase encompassed an in-depth analysis of the organization’s existing security solutions, aimed at comprehending their specific needs and evaluating their organizational readiness for a smooth Purview integration. In the second phase, we seamlessly activated the Purview MVP and implemented all of our client’s requested features and services, including data labeling and an information protection scanner, among others. By deploying this Purview MVP, this organization now has a scalable and agile baseline data management and protection solution in place that supports a full Purview deployment globally.

By utilizing our Security Compass Framework, we were able to meet this organization where they were on their security and ecosystem journey and chart a precise course for reaching their security goals. This strategic approach allowed us to build an integrated enterprise security system customized to the unique needs and goals of their business while minimizing costs and operational disruptions.
Norm Barber, Security Business Unit Leader, Valorem Reply
Security Compass

Challenges and Opportunities

• Current security posture created vulnerabilities to phishing attacks, malware, and other malicious activity as a global company.

• Need for a security solution that adheres to strict data compliance requirements.

• Build a future-proof security platform on time, within budget, and with minimal organizational disruption.


• A holistic and customized approach to security solution planning and implementation with our Security Compass Framework.

• Deploy a Microsoft Purview MVP to support data protection and management needs.

• Deliver implementation roadmaps and playbooks to ensure a smooth and effective global transition to Purview.


• Enabled a centrally managed security platform enterprise wide.

• Enhanced data protection and visibility to prevent potential threats.

• Scalable and agile platform to support the organization’s long-term security needs.

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