Nissan Motor Corporation partnered with us to virtually navigate the interior of a vehicle through interaction with the application. The Nissan Pathfinder Experience application was a massive interactive display that allowed participants to virtually navigate the vehicle by interacting with the application using motion, voice and gestures.


Nissan Pathfinder Kinect


When Nissan North America unveiled the redesigned Pathfinder at the Chicago Auto Show, they faced a challenge of how to showcase a car whose primary allure was an upgraded interior with only a fiberglass shell.

Nissan logo
Nissan Pathfinder Kinect Door
Nissan Pathfinder Kinect Trunk


Nissan turned to digital agency Critical Mass and interactive experience developers at Valorem Reply to pioneer a fully immersive Nissan Pathfinder Experience utilizing Kinect for Windows.

Nissan Pathfinder Kinect back of car


Using Kinect for Windows technology, potential buyers were enabled to virtually research and experience the redesigned Pathfinder. It was such a success that Nissan delivered the Pathfinder Experience to dealerships nationwide.

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