The award winning, Discover Languages by Rosetta Stone is an immersive application where players interact with characters and objects in an entertaining setting. It is a situation-based experience that allows players to “be there” – to explore and be introduced to new languages through adventures and games with increasing confidence across multiple levels and difficulties.


Players interact with the content from a first person perspective for an engaging and dynamic experience. Games, translations, and grammar instruction support their conversational skills.


Using the Journal feature, players can track their progress, achievements and quickly access pieces of the story they have already unlocked.

Rosetta Stone UX


Rosetta Stone sought a new opportunity to introduce users to their brand and become active participants.

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Rosetta Stone UX bathroom


This designed and developed application is an HTML / JavaScript based immersive conversational language learning experience for Xbox One. It uses a hierarchal promise architecture written in TypeScript and dynamically loads localized assets to the user depending on language preferences.

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In this immersive application, players discover new vocabulary, grammar and how to use new language skills by through adventures and playing games.

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