What is Microsoft Cloud Partner Program?

The new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program is Microsoft’s and our commitment to innovation and growth, basically optimized for customer outcomes. The change simplifies the partner program with single tier solutions partner designation. It's basically designed to help us grow our business, go to market, and win new customers. And basically, like to qualify and reap the benefits, us as partners, we need to invest in the development of practices and solutions that create meaningful customer connections across the whole of Microsoft commercial business and our business.

How did Valorem Reply achieve all six solutions partner designations so quickly?

Valorem Reply has always been a prioritized Microsoft partner in several areas focused on driving performance and delivering continued value to customers. At the same time, leaders at Valorem Reply and Reply have always emphasized the importance of learning and staying up with developments in technology.

So, all of these factors have helped Valorem Reply achieve all six designations in a very short period of time after the new partner program was announced.


What do the designations mean for Valorem Reply’s customers?

These designations help us demonstrate our capabilities in delivering customer outcomes in core areas like you know, Azure Infrastructure, Azure data and AI, Azure Modern app development and within modern work with modern work and enterprise security, and business applications driving outcomes based on industry clouds. So, the new partner capability core holistically measures our organization's technical capabilities to drive customer success, but also measures us on you know skilling and you know training and development as new technologies come to the fold.

So, it is about performance, skilling, and driving outcomes for customers and driving success at customers while we're driving success for both Microsoft and us as their partner.

What do the designations mean to Valorem Reply and Microsoft?

With the global nature of the Microsoft partner ecosystem, the new partner program is an attestation to Microsoft that we, as their partner, Valorem Reply and Reply, are committed to be a certified partner to drive our mutual success and in turn digitally transforming our customers for the future.