What is the trend?

So, with AI blowing up in 2023, we all know it does amazing things and makes our lives more productive. While we already have some AI features on mobile, I see a trend coming where AI will be even more useful on mobile devices. For example, I was driving the other day and I asked Siri what the speed limit was right here. Its answer was to give me a web search results which I didn't want to look at because I was driving, but if I had the maps app open it in navigation mode, it would tell me the speed limit on the screen. I believe little things like this will be more prevalent on mobile OS's in the years to come.

Why is this trend important?

So people should care about this trend because it's going to make us even more productive accurate and safer in the case of driving. So another example right now I can ask Siri what was the last message from my wife, it will read me the last text message and ask if I want to respond. However, if “I ask that of the mobile Teams or WhatsApp, it can't do that. Imagine if I could ask it a question like, in the group with Scott and Wendy read me the last three messages or read me the last message that Scott sent”. Imagine that all messaging app content, all email content, image metadata anything and everything on your mobile device was fed into a localized secure large language model. Now you could ask it anything you would and you would have the answer within the context of which app. You might think that that's scary, but the data is already on your device and it's secured. Many of our customers build software and our customers have customers themselves. Everyone is trying to integrate AI into their software and for those customers building mobile technology this is important to retain customers, stay relevant, and increase sales.

What is Valorem Reply doing to prepare for this trend?

So what we're doing at Valorem Reply is we have a data and AI team that builds machine learning models among many other things data and AI related. We also have an IT modernization team which I'm a part of, we do Cloud strategy and adoption, infrastructure, devops and software development among other things. We have Architects and developers that not only have mobile development experience but we are already building software with AI. We have experience with Microsoft Semantic Kernel, which is a software development tool kit that integrates with large language models to orchestrate your AI. Many of us either have or are working on AI-related Microsoft certifications and we have a Microsoft MVP in AI on our team. We are committed to staying relevant in all things AI and guiding our customers in their pursuit of the same.