A specialized truck and heavy equipment provider headquartered in the Midwest is rapidly expanding. With over 1500 employees in 26 locations worldwide, they quickly realized their Excel dependent reporting system wasn't providing the clarity and speed they needed to make effective business decisions. Custom Truck One Source partnered with Valorem Reply to modernize their data platform and become a more data-driven culture. Using Azure and Power BI, Valorem's Digital Insights team provided the velocity and scale CTOS needed to meet tight vendor transition and new acquisition deadlines. Learn how Valorem and CTOS worked together to drive real business value, save analyst time and increase CTOS' confidence in their performance metrics.

After learning of their BI expertise and capabilities, we decided to partner with Valorem Reply to help with our overall Data architecture and transformation. They’re helping us unify and organize the structure of our data estate, pulling in data from our various systems into a single staging layer so it can then be better used by our business users going forward.
Joe Smith, VP, IT Operations, Custom Truck One Source


  • Rapid growth through acquisition
  • Limited reporting capabilities with new ERP provided
  • Excel-dependent environment leading to excessive analyst time and unreliable financial reports
  • No clear enterprise data strategy


  • Azure managed instance and Power BI interface design
  • Unify multi-system data into a single staging layer
  • Agile report development alongside data discovery to meet aggressive deadline for rebuilding mission critical financial reports


  • Business users have increased access to and confidence in performance metrics
  • Business leaders can now automate reports based on a single-source of truth
  • Reduced analyst time needed to compile raw data from multiple systems
  • More robust and accurate data estate
  • Accounting month close process reduced from weeks to days
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"We’re already seeing the benefits of partnering with Valorem through the improvement of our reporting capabilities across the company and increased support of our ERP implementation. We anticipate continuous returns on our investment in Valorem and Power BI as we continue to consolidate all of our business data into a single environment that provides consistent and clear metrics to any and all of the Custom Truck teams going forward."

Joe Smith

VP, IT Operations

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