AB Mauri, a global leader in yeast and bakery ingredient products, recognized the need for a modern data and Power BI governance platform to meet evolving reporting and dashboarding needs while ensuring compliance with security, privacy, and regulatory requirements. Valorem Reply stepped in as a strategic partner, working side by side with AB Mauri to craft a robust Power BI governance strategy and modernize their reporting platform. Through a focused three-month engagement, we addressed critical components such as reviewing their current workspace architecture, authentication and authorization processes, and ultimately establishing a governance framework. This collaborative effort resulted in an optimized Power BI environment and laid the foundation for an ongoing data governance program. AB Mauri can now make critical business decisions with confidence and gain key insights seamlessly.

Our goal with this data modernization project was to provide AB Mauri with the right data, at the right time, and in the right format to enable the business to deliver critical business decisions and provide key insights. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in AB Mauri's journey, helping them reach this point of enhanced data capabilities and setting the stage for their long-term success.
Erin Woodward, Manager Data & AI, Valorem Reply
Data & Power BI Governance

Challenges and Opportunities

• Lack of a formalized Power BI governance strategy.

• Need to consolidate and modernize reporting and dashboarding.

• Adhere to strict security, privacy, and regulatory needs of the business.


  • Build out and deploy a framework for Power BI governance.

  • Review the current Power BI workspace architecture and offer suggestions for improvement.

  • Establish best practices for granting permission to view, build, and publish reports.

  • Identify and document report publishing process.



Data & PowerBI Governance
Data & PowerBI Governance


  • High-level data governance framework.

  • Improvement in reporting and resolution of identified data errors.

  • Established a foundation for an ongoing data governance program with recommendations and next steps.

  • Access to key insights enabling data-driven business decisions.
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