For over 78 years, CARE, an international humanitarian organization, has dedicated themselves to providing life-saving support to women and girls with the goal of defeating poverty. In order to amplify their impact, CARE sought a solution to enhance clarity in their unstructured data and streamline their processes. Valorem Reply, a Microsoft Designated Azure Data & AI Solutions Partner, took on this challenge and built an Azure OpenAI-powered application for CARE. This application uses sentiment analysis and opinion mining on Minimum Preparedness Action (MPA) comments, marking each comment with its corresponding sentiment and identified opinions. With this Azure OpenAI-powered application, CARE will have more efficient data categorization, enhanced sentiment analysis capabilities, and improved decision-making based on actionable insights. Ultimately, this will allow CARE to provide better support to those they serve and move closer to achieving social justice.

By harnessing the power of Azure OpenAI, we transformed the way CARE analyzes qualitative survey data. Our innovative solutions not only streamlined the process but also deepened the insights, allowing CARE to make more informed decisions that directly benefit the lives of those they serve. This partnership reflects our commitment to using technology for social good and driving positive change on a global scale.
Liji Thomas, Manager Data & AI, Valorem Reply

Challenges and Opportunities

• Qualitative data in surveys is often unstructured and varies, making it hard to analyze and derive meaningful insights.

• Traditional survey tools may overlook the nuances of sentiment and opinion, leading to incomplete understanding of respondents’ views.

• Manual analysis of qualitative survey data is labor-intensive and time-consuming, reducing the efficiency of decision-making processes.


• Implement AI algorithms specialized in sentiment analysis to accurately interpret and categorize emotions and opinions expressed in survey responses.

• Ensure the AI tool can understand context and subtleties in language, providing more accurate and relevant insights.


• Deeper insights into customer opinions, improving products, services, and customer experiences.

• AI-analyzed data to make informed decisions, enhancing business strategies and operational effectiveness.

• Reduced time and resources needed to analyze qualitative survey data, increasing overall business efficiency.

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