A large aerospace manufacturer was facing many Identity and Access Management (IAM) challenges that were slowing down their ability to meet the authentication and authorization needs of their customers, supply chain vendors, and employees around the globe. They had multiple teams associated with various IAM solutions, leading to development backlogs, a lack of cohesive capability roadmaps, and difficulty integrating features. Microsoft Designated Solutions Partner for Security, Valorem Reply, stepped in to utilize its Identity and Access Management Specialist skills to help assess their strategic use of IAM technologies, build a roadmap for future success, and meet their growing customer needs. As a result, this organization received an integrated IAM roadmap in a matter of weeks, as opposed to the years it had previously taken, and successfully consolidated their feature teams and previous security vendors.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • 5-10 third-party IAM security tools becoming increasingly difficult to manage with unclear visibility into their features.
  • Lack of an overarching technical architecture causing planning and forecasting to become more and more complex and time-consuming.
  • Contractors dedicated to each feature team all with their own visions on how IAM solutions should be utilized.


  • Develop an Identity Fabric strategy and architecture to address the varied IAM needs of the business.
  • Create detailed multi-year, time-phased, and comprehensive roadmaps to define the specific steps to achieve their strategic goals.
  • Build an Agile-based programmatic view using Microsoft’s Azure DevOps (ADO) solution to track and manage the many activities needed for success.
  • Provide both strategic IAM consulting and architecture resources coupled with IAM engineers to staff execution teams.


  • A modern Identity and Access Management environment capable of supporting the organization’s security infrastructure in the long term.
  • A clearly defined multi-year IAM strategy that gained the trust and support of IT senior management that had been lacking.
  • Acceleration in the delivery of needed IAM capabilities for varied customers to access information they needed leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • More accurate forecasting as to when critical IAM capabilities would be available, improving dependability for management, customers, vendors, and employees.
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