informarion protection and governance for environmental services


A global industry leader in environmental services committed to advancing a sustainable future faced a challenge of streamlining and securing their extensive data landscape across 3,000 users. Recognizing the need for a robust solution, the organization enlisted Valorem Reply's expertise in the Microsoft Purview suite, focusing on information protection and governance, insider threat, and eDiscovery within their Azure Commercial-based tenant subscription. Leveraging our Security Compass Framework to ensure minimal organizational disruption, we took a two-phase approach to assist in their Purview deployment. First, we collaboratively mapped out a straightforward data classification and label plan, ensuring clarity on requirements and sensitivities. Second, we configured Purview Information Protection technologies, and set up the ability to provide data classification and sensitive information types. As a result, their organization now has a fortified data governance framework, simplifying compliance and positioning them for a secure and efficient Purview deployment company-wide.

In spearheading the deployment of the Microsoft Purview suite for this organization, we strategically navigated the complexities of data governance and security. Our meticulous planning and execution have empowered their team with a simplified yet comprehensive solution, ensuring their data is not just protected but becomes a strategic asset driving their business forward.
Valorem Reply Security Business Unit Leader

Challenges and Opportunities

• Absence of a centralized security approach left the organization with unclear visibility into potential threats.

• Current security tools becoming increasingly difficult to manage and costly for 3,000 users.

• A lean staffing model.


• A fully documented data classification and sensitivity label guide.

• Activate and configure the Purview Information Protection tenant.

• MIP Scanner with published sensitivity labels.

• A detailed roadmap outlining the recommended order of operations to implement the rest of Purview Data Management.


• An intelligent data classification system.

• Enhanced data governance and compliance.

• Automated methodology to classify and label data.

• A robust modular plan to expand their data protection throughout the company.

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