A 55 year old, leading apparel manufacturer with multiple locations on the East and West Coasts and nearly 1,000 employees was acquired by an investment group and needed to migrate to the cloud in just 90 days without impacting ongoing operations. Kellwood's business leaders chose Microsoft Azure to meet current datacenter needs and allow future scale. Under the guidance and collaboration of Valorem Reply's cloud migration and digital strategy experts, Kellwood was able to design and deploy a detailed Azure migration plan to seamlessly and successfully move from on premise datacenters to the Microsoft cloud. 

My team joined Kellwood Company at the beginning of the move to Azure. We got to observe the smooth migration performed by the Kellwood transition and Valorem Reply teams. The project completed with a very positive end user experience. With the ability to leverage the tools available in Azure, the Kellwood IT team is confident that they will be able to provide the best solutions to the future challenges of our growing business.
Henry Caamano, Vice President Information Technology, Kellwood Company


  • Divesture required separation and migration of all datacenter assets
  • Only 90 days to select, build, test and launch a completely customized cloud system
  • Employees much be able to maintain productivity throughout the migration


  • Valorem Reply architects engaged to roadmap and design comprehensive Azure infrastructure.
  • Leverage platform capabilities to migrate assets at a low cost
  • Migration without re-platforming applications


  • Beta environment built within 2 weeks for testing
  • Developed private databases to support separate entities while maintaining security
  • Migrated from on premise datacenter to a completely cloud-based environment that exceeded performance standards and helped applications run faster.
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“What I envisioned was having our datacenter run in Azure with the flexibility to increase or decrease server sizes as needed. And that’s something we were able to achieve.”

Charles Pritzl

Chief Technologist- Kellwood Company

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