A leading accounting and advisory firm in the U.S., with over 3,000 employees in 49 offices across the country, providing accounting, risk management, technology, wealth management, and forensic and valuation consulting services to businesses, government entities, not-for-profit organizations and individuals around the world. With the goal of retiring outdated technology and improving customer and employee collaboration, leaders kick-started their workplace modernization with Microsoft Teams then moved to the next phase of their cloud migration journey, a modern intranet. Calling on trusted digital transformation partner, Valorem Reply, firm leaders worked alongside cloud experts to quickly architect and deploy their custom SharePoint Intranet to support over 60 product lines and migrate over 1MM mission critical, backend customer documents without impacting business operations.

We choose Valorem Reply as a partner in our digital transformation, not only because of their technical expertise, but also their organizational alignment with our values and culture. We knew this would be invaluable in helping our blended teams drive timeline and deliverables on our modern intranet and ensure success in the adoption and change management solutions Valorem provided.
We’ve had a great experience working with the Valorem Reply team. They brought the experience and expertise that we needed and helped us think through making good long-term decisions rather taking the easy path to project completion. The professionalism and teamwork of their consultants made them stand out in comparison to other IT consultants I've worked with in the past.


  • Workplace modernization to improve customer and employee collaboration by migrating from on prem SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online in short holiday window to avoid business disruption.
  • Highly custom branding needs for 60+ product lines, legacy division and storefront KeyNet sites with custom, built-in governance.
  • 1M+ mission critical back-end customer files to be migrated.


  • Modern SharePoint architecture to enable tight deadline.
  • Blended dev team to set up QA/Dev environment, build and deploy.
  • UX-centered Design for Streamlined Experience and Consistent Branding
  • Live SharePoint Training Sessions
  • Custom SharePoint Courses and ACM Documentation


  • Successful intranet migration with no downtime for customers or employees.
  • A stable and easy to maintain intranet to drive continued returns on technology investments.
  • Modern workplace investments enable 3,500+ employees to work better, create a culture of innovation with access to full M365 suite, and scalable integration for future acquisitions.
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“What made this project unique was the degree to which our teams blended, the complexity and volume of documents migrated, and the level of customization to support the customer’s varied product lines. Because the documents being migrated were mission critical for servicing their customers, there was no room for error. Our experts worked alongside their development team extending and scaling their ability to deploy the architected solution within a tight holiday window to avoid business disruption. Our UX team helped develop some creative solutions to ensure both a successful employee experience and seamless brand recognition. Finally, our change management team worked hand-in-hand with cross-functional stakeholders to create change champions and strategic communication plans to ensure the successful adoption and optimization of their new tools.”

Nicholas Burton

Digital Workplace Manager, Valorem Reply

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