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When you think of motorsports, you think of speed. Yet a leading race team found their on-prem data platform couldn’t keep up. With multiple race teams to track, a new car design on the horizon, and an upcoming renewal for their costly on-prem app, the organization knew it was time to modernize their data platform for Cloud scale and insights. To prioritize development in time for race season, leaders sought outside support and brought in Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Valorem Reply, to help build their first Azure application. Valorem’s application and data modernization experts worked with the motorsports organization’s six race teams at a time of significant disruption, to centralize telemetry tracking, race data, and car build data into a new, ahead-of-its-time, Azure-native race analytics and car inventory platform. The new data-driven application enabled both the organization and their individual race teams to access advanced analytics and streamline important race decisions.

This project is a great example of what sets Valorem apart; we didn’t just help this motorsports organization solve a problem, we took the time to understand their business model to implement a solution that will meet their long-term needs. We embedded ourselves into the race business so that when we made decisions, we did so from the perspective of someone with a genuine stake in the company. We took the time to get to know stakeholders at the organization as well as each of their race teams to understand on a granular level what is going on in their business and why they are making the decisions they are.
Andrew Brower, Enterprise Technology Manager, Valorem Reply
Even though this motorsport company was under a lot of stress preparing for the new race season with the new car model, they recognized how dedicated Valorem Reply was to help them succeed, which led them to trust us with mission-critical data.
Andre Player, VP Strategic Alliances, Valorem Reply

Challenges and Opportunities

• Outdated legacy system led to unreliable processing speed and slow releases for updates.
• Upcoming and expensive renewal for on-prem app.
• New car model requiring all new inventory input.
• Three race teams supplying data with strict privacy requirements.


• Azure application to ingest, store and analyze race car inventory management, telemetry tracking, and race data.
• Centralized analytics platform for all of the racing teams with governed access for secure data sharing.
• Modernized UX/UI design with light and dark themes to improve use in sunlight while retaining familiar experience to reduce learning/training needs.


• Centralized race team analytics.
• Updated inventory system for new car.
• Improved collaboration between race team members on site and at headquarters.
• Additional agility while making race decisions.
• Provide users with secure, off-line access to handle connection outages with confidence.

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