A fast-growing, food management company serving over 250,000 K-12 children across the Midwest realized their on premises, email reliant workflows were not scaling with company growth. In order to maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction they had come to expect and continue to be a market leader, Opaa! Food Management executives decided something must be done to integrate automation and efficiencies into their workflows. Opaa! chose the power of Microsoft cloud technologies and the experience of Gold Partner Valorem Reply to help them become a modern workplace with empowered employees who could efficiently collaborate, communicate and coordinate to better serve their communities, retain customers and grow their business. This is the story of how Opaa! leveraged leading-edge technology with expert guidance and custom digital solutions to digitally transform their business.

"Throughout the exploration process, Valorem Reply stood out as the right choice for Opaa!’s cloud migration partner because of their business approach to implementing technology. It was obvious their goal was to help us solve our business problems as opposed to simply representing technology for the sake of technology. The team working on our project understood us as business people, not a technology client."
Craig Cohen, EVP, Opaa! Food Management


  • Team collaboration, communication, and coordination delays caused by outdated tools were increasing incident resolution times and introducing risk to customer satisfaction scores and new business opportunities.
  • Internal resource limitations for planning, deploying and managing the cloud infrastructure migration necessary to become a modern workplace.
  • Inadequate redundancy and backup capabilities to maintain system integrity.
  • Little executive insight into account successes, incidents or day-to-day operations.
  • Field resources sacrificing valuable time on account activities due to limited remote access.


  • A strategic roadmap for migrating to the cloud using best practices and agile application deployments.
  • Fully customized SharePoint 365 based Incident Management System with automated workflow notifications and multi-media support.
  • User-led design of a custom Powell 365, SharePoint-based Opaa! Intranet.
  • PowerApp based secure, mobile app access to incident management tools for remote staff.
  • Adoption framework and training documentation to aid in employee change management.


  • Faster incident resolution times for clients
  • Increased transparency for executives throughout the incident lifecycle
  • Mobile device access for field staff
  • Safe and secure foundation for migrating future business applications to the cloud
  • Flexible platform for integrating other business systems and increasing process automation
  • Roadmap for next phase of digital transformation: Becoming a data-driven culture
  • Adoption communication plans and change management strategy in place to maximize usage rates and ROI 
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“The most surprising part about working with Valorem Reply was that there weren’t any surprises. While the scope may have shifted as we learned more about breadth of capabilities in the Microsoft 365 platform, we haven’t had to make any drastic changes to the plan to get there thanks to Valorem Reply’s very effective process.”

Jordan Boatman

Information System Administrator- Opaa! Food Management

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