LaSalle Solutions is an independent division of Fifth Third Bank (NASDA: FITB) and leading IT equipment and services provider, serving Fortune 500s around the globe. With a rapidly changing IT landscape to more subscription, software and cloud-based models, LaSalle’s leadership team realized it was time for the next evolution of their legacy IT Asset Management Platform, LAMP. LaSalle partnered with Valorem Reply to modernize and transform their LAMP product with a visionary, future-fit solution with Microsoft Azure cloud-native architecture, leveraging open-source technologies, containerization systems, CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) engineering and DevOps practices. Resulting in the next evolution in IT Asset Management, LaSalle’s LAMP 5 Platform.

With cloud-enhanced security and scale LaSalle is adding value for their customers and creating new market opportunities. Valorem Reply and LaSalle’s LAMP product team defined a visionary, future-fit solution with cloud-native architecture, leveraging open-source technologies, containerization systems, CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) engineering and DevOps practices.

The number one upgrade we’re getting with Azure in the new LAMP 5.0 is flexibility from the scalability perspective. We can rapidly and painlessly scale up the number of assets tracked in LAMP for our customers by 100X and more thanks to being cloud-based instead of on-premises.
Steve Robb, President, LaSalle Solutions
Valorem’s team integrated Azure DevOps as a work management tool end-to-end, from requirements through deployment. This has significantly increased our development velocity for hot fixes and customer specific features. Releases that may have taken 2 weeks before can now be done daily if needed. The biggest benefit for our customers is better usability and the strategic direction for the future. As we look to integrate LAMP 5.0 with more native cloud application to bring additional value to our customers, LaSalle Solutions and LAMP 5.0 are now ready for that journey.
Bernal Schooley, Chief Software Architect, LaSalle Solutions


Re-engineer LaSalle Solutions’ digital platform to the cloud, allowing customers to maximize the value of their IT assets, and manage their licenses and maintenance contracts


  • Open-source, cloud-based, enterprise-level platform, LAMP5, built on Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Highest level security for financial services market
  • Complex data integrations enable automated management of service levels, contract consolidation, and discrepancy removal
  • Sleek user experience for both manual updates and back-end reporting functionality


LAMP5 product is now a cloud-based platform that automates customers’ IT asset management, leading to improved customer experience, along with reliable scalability to support new markets

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"LaSalle competes with much larger network equipment distributors. Despite its market position, LaSalle has secured contracts with a significant portion of the Fortune 500. Their success is tied to providing a cost-effective approach to asset management. The biggest benefit to LaSalle is that its approach, creates strong, “sticky” relationships that has resulted in rapid growth for LaSalle over the past 10 years. Once a customer shares its asset portfolio with LaSalle through LAMP, they begin to appreciate the value of a single data source for information across vendors, locations and asset classes."

Don Mishory

Vice President, Valorem Reply

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