NeighborWorks America is a leading network of nearly 250 nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving people’s lives through community revitalization and affordable housing. To maintain a strong network, they conduct comprehensive assessments before acceptance into the NeighborWorks network and every year after. Additionally, they provide reporting and analytics, both internal and external , to evaluate the health of the organizations they serve. However, NeighborWorks aimed to further enhance their reporting and analytics landscape to deliver more advanced and actionable insights for their organizations. Seeking Valorem Reply’s analytics expertise, NeighborWorks engaged with us to help design a robust Power BI proof of concept. With meticulous planning, iterative development, and a keen focus on security, we ensured a sophisticated and user-friendly Power BI report. The result is a tool that not only reflects the health of NeighborWorks' organizations but also empowers them with actionable insights for long-term stability and success to be able to make an impact and transform more communities.

In harnessing the capabilities of Power BI for NeighborWorks America, we've not only delivered a powerful reporting tool but also a catalyst for positive change. Empowering nonprofits to make a greater impact, our data and analytics expertise ensures actionable insights that guide strategic decisions, fostering long-term success. We're proud to drive transformative solutions, amplifying organizations' impact on the communities they serve.
Erin Woodward, Manager Data & AI, Valorem Reply
Power BI POC for Neighborworks America

Challenges and Opportunities

• Limited insights from the existing rating system.

• Uncover previously unknown intelligence that may affect an organization’s long-term stability.

• Gather industry knowledge to get more customized and insightful reports.


  • A Power BI proof of concept.

  • Determine and implement key metrics based on existing assessment system.

  • Establish row-level security methodology.



Power BI POC for Neighborworks America
Power BI POC for Neighborworks America


  • Enriched reporting.

  • Actionable insights.

  • Data-driven business decisions.

  • Clear data visibility.

  • Enhanced data governance.
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