Faced with the complex challenges of migrating on-premises applications to Azure within tight timelines, a leading tax preparation firm needed a strategic plan to navigate diverse infrastructure, compliance requirements, and modernization hurdles. Microsoft Designated Infrastructure Azure Solutions Partner, Valorem Reply, came in with a holistic approach and began by assessing the client's cloud maturity and identifying critical capabilities required for a seamless transition. This paved the way for the design and implementation of a robust cloud-enabled operating model and a tech foundation, setting the stage for large-scale migration. Through our collaboration, this organization not only achieved a successful migration but also realized substantial cost savings and improved operational efficiency, ensuring a future-ready, cloud-powered future.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Complete migration of on-premises applications to Azure.
  • Migrate over 1,000 on-premises Windows servers to Azure VMs while maintaining critical application uptime.
  • Re-host over 150 databases to native Azure SQL and Azure Cosmos databases.
  • Tight timelines to execute modernization.
  • Diverse infrastructure and applications and expansive regulatory and compliance requirements.


  • Cloud and DevOps Transformation
  • Cloud Strategy and Azure Migration
  • Platform Development
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • App Monitoring


  • Provided needed expertise and velocity to meet business objectives.
  • Enabled significant improvement in technical architecture and cloud adoption.
  • Established organizational best-practices and assisted with employee knowledge transfer.
  • Facilitated cross-silo collaboration to drive significant improvement in overall cloud strategy.
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