Wunderman Thompson, a global marketing communications agency with a workforce spanning 90 markets and nearly 20,000 professionals, recognized the importance of empowering employees to cultivate their personal brands and fostering a culture of continuous feedback. Their challenge was to find a digital feedback solution that was user-friendly, seamlessly integrated into their workflow, and engaging for employees. Previously, feedback initiatives faced low participation due to the absence of a structured process for soliciting, recording, and following up on employee input. Valuable insights often remained scattered across emails and various documents. To address this, Wunderman Thompson partnered with Valorem Reply. Together, we developed a Microsoft Teams application called THRIVE, designed to help employees reflect on their personal brands, collect feedback, and set goals. The successful rollout of THRIVE to approximately 11,000 employees centralized the process of collecting, tracking, and collaborating on feedback and career development discussions. This intuitive tool seamlessly integrates with existing productivity tools, ensuring widespread adoption and creating a safe space for employees to grow and share their feedback.

We’ve seen an 85%+ increase in engagement with the THRIVE App since upgrades to the UI/UX based on consultation with Reply. Reply is not just a technical partner, but a true thought partner invested in helping WT and our employees derive the maximum value out of the solution we’ve designed and built together.
Vidhi Thakker, Global Sr. Manager, Talent & Org Development, Wunderman Thompson
At Wunderman Thompson, feedback is not just a buzzword – it’s the cornerstone of our career development philosophy as well as the core of our organization’s culture. It enables employees to truly embody WT’s Behaviors – In It Together, Creative Bravery, Positivity, and Listening – while helping them better know, grow, and project their authentic personal brands. That’s why it’s so important we have an efficient, easy-to-use system in place enabling employees to collect, understand, and reflect on feedback. It will help our employees grow in their careers, and the organization will benefit from improved employee engagement and retention.
Vidhi Thakker, Global Sr. Manager, Talent & Org Development, Wunderman Thompson

Challenges and Opportunities

• Low employee participation in feedback initiatives due to the absence of a structured process.

• Valuable insights scattered across emails and various documents.

• Eliminate paper-based feedback processes.


• A Microsoft Teams-based application, THRIVE, that facilitates self-reflection, feedback gathering, and goal setting for employees.

• Reporting dashboard that local and regional HR offices can use daily to track and manage employee engagement.

• Access for managers to view and collaborate on employees' professional goals and development plans.


• 85%+ increase in employee feedback engagement.

• Strengthened company culture by using feedback to drive business decisions.

• A secure and centralized platform that stores all data, facilitating continuous reporting and analysis.

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