Rene Schulte

Director, Global Innovation, Research & Incubation   /   120 Articles

120 Articles

Rene Schulte is Director of Global Innovation, Research & Incubation at Valorem creating and leading teams across the globe working on emerging technologies.

He has more than 10 years experience with VR, AR/MR technology and 3D programming, developing for the Microsoft HoloLens since 2015. He also coded AI deep learning neural networks before it was cool.

He is a frequent speaker at conferences like //build, Unite, Vision VR/AR Summit, VRDC (GDC) and blogs about many topics. He also created and maintains popular open source libraries like WriteableBitmapEx or the AR library SLARToolKit.

He was honored several times for his dev community work with the Microsoft MVP award.

He lives in Dresden, Germany with his wife and their 5 children.