Rene – Hi! Welcome to QuBites, your bite-sized pieces of quantum Computing. My name is Rene from Valorem Reply and today we're going to recap season six of QuBites. Yes, season 6 which means this is the 60th episode and we had a lot of amazing guests through all episodes and all seasons of QuBites. But of course also in season six which we're going to focus today that shot a lot of great insights and I had some really good conversations there very much inspiring and I learned a lot and I hope you also learned as much as I did and it was a valuable time for you. Season 6 was kicked off with a really inspiring conversation with one of the youngest if potentially not the youngest person working in the quantum computing field, Anisha Musti, a 17 year old student who runs a Quantum Computing education initiative called Q-munity. So Q-munity, awesome name, by the way and she started with Quantum Computing already when she was 14 years old and I don't know what you have been doing when you were 14 years old, but I didn't look into Quantum Computing when I was 14 but super-impressive and she even does way more than Quantum Computing. She's also working and supporting initiatives for emerging markets and again truly inspirational to talk with her. In episode 2 of season six, I talked with Nicole Yunger Halpern about her Quantum steampunk book and how Quantum Computing is related to this and also thermodynamics of course. Then we had Wenmiao Yu and we spoke about the importance of random numbers in computing like cryptography right where we need really good random numbers and we spoke also about Quantum random number generators which provide a true advantage because they have you know true Quantum randomness and not like the pseudo-random numbers we're having today and in fact she also mentioned that these devices are used and built into certain satellites not only for Quantum key distribution but also for other things like again you know having a very very random seat for cryptography and a lot of other things but yeah very good conversation. Then we also had an episode about Quantum Computing and the European commission and we talked about what the European Commission is doing with Quantum Computing, how they're funding research and you know the kind of the goals for the European commission and soon. And I talked of course with a person that is working for the European Commission, Oscar Diaz, who's also an associate professor and we had also a very good conversation. In episode 5 we continued the theme a bit and Florian Neukart joined us and shot his unique transatlantic perspective between the United States and Europe because he lives in the United States but also has a background and actually works for a European company and he explained what the strength of the US and the European Quantum rebuilding fields are in research funding and more the topic of the episode was actually Sovereign Cloud Quantum Computing and of course we talked about this also quite in depth. With the chemist Shahar Keenan I talked Quantum Computing for drug Discovery and her start-up that is already leveraging Quantum Computing like annealing for optimization and the drug discovery process and she also mentioned the topic of personalized medicine and how Quantum Computing is already providing an advantage and speed up there by reducing the initial drug Discovery phase from what like she's were saying initially was four years and now they can do this initial fast in a few months and as you can imagine and we're talking about you know Healthcare medicine and pharmaceuticals this could you know make a difference between life and death for affected people. So this is truly inspirational and yeah awesome stuff. Quantum Computing at Nvidia was the topic of season 6 episode 7 and I had to develop a relations manager for Quantum Computing Jin-Sung Kim and he explained what Nvidia is doing in the field like for example the large Quantum Computing simulators with these powerful graphics cards but also their various libraries and the hybrid Quantum classical computing platform called Nvidia QODA not to be mistaken with Nvidia Cuda but of course you know uses similar naming there but you know good stuff there and check this out if you want to learn more what Nvidia is doing there. Well then we had my fellow reply colleague Johannes Oberreuter and Johannes was already a member and a guest here in season four talking about quantum machine learning for image classification where they were using a hybrid approach and the image potential immense potential it has even with the limitations we have today's with the nisk quantum computing hopper which has a very limited quantum qubits. This time we talked about the progress in Quantum machine learning which is an exciting field gaining lots of traction and in fact I also covered this recently in a blog post I wrote for the Valorem blog. So if you want to dive a little bit deeper also go to and check out the blog about quantum machine learning. For episode 9, I had my fellow Microsoft Regional director and also fellow Microsoft Quantum Computing MVP, most valuable professional, as they call us and Ciprian Jichici joined us back again and he shared with us updates from the quantum Computing Hardware landscape which also is a fast paced and quickly changing landscapes where in fact during the year 2022 we saw a bunch of breakthroughs happening. For example, like Microsoft's achievements with Majorana zero modes that are you know realizing topology and qubits hopefully pretty soon. But really a great breakthrough there and also of course we discussed about other vendors and what happened there with the hardware and the really impressive how fast it's going in fact and again very insightful conversation there with Cyprian.

Well and now we're here with the summary of season six already and again like I said it's you know 60 episodes and it's kind of crazy that we had so many great guests and so much good content and I hope you also enjoyed the show as much as I did. It's always a big pleasure and honor to talk with you know and to host these fantastic guests and have these really insightful and also inspiring conversation often times. Thank you so much for joining us for QuBites again your bite-sized pieces of quantum computing. Watch our blog, subscribe to our YouTube and follow our social media channels to hear all about QuBites and of course you can also watch all 60 episodes on our website, even with a full transcript if you just want to read it. Again thank you so much, take care and see you soon! Bye bye!

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