The Internet of Things (IoT) and (mobile) robotics are becoming increasingly common, especially in industrial scenarios like manufacturing where remote or hazardous environments may be a barrier to real-time monitoring. We touched on this a bit in our Top Trends for 2021 post and in this post we will dive a little deeper, providing industry analysis data, use cases and what we’ll be covering in our related session at Microsoft’s annual customer conference, Ignite.

Industrial IoTIndustrial IoT (IIoT) has a range of use cases like connecting machines, tools, and sensors on the manufacturing floor to provide a real-time view into production. For example, automatically tracking parts as they move through assembly in real-time using sensors such as RFID and break beams. This level of visibility can be helpful in identifying bottlenecks, finding the root cause of problems, and improving efficiency and productivity. Enabling this real-time continuous monitoring has a wide assortment of benefits that drive business outcomes such as, reduced quality management system (QMS) costs, improved overall production quality, increased operator productivity and optimized machine utilization.

According to our research, the Global IIoT market is estimated at $82.7 billion in 2021. Growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.4%, it is forecasted to reach $110.6 billion by 2025.

Figure 1: Global IIoT Market Growth According to Valorem's Market Research Data Analysis

You can find more in-depth analysis in our recently published Industrial IoT Platform vendor analysis report which contains a global IIoT market overview, key trends, more industry analysis data and use cases. Click below for that report and an on-demand webinar with our experts.

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Edge Computing and Digital TwinsIn 2021 we will see the Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud trend continuing. Many AI models that require cloud computing power, are moving to Intelligent Edge deployments for shorter latency. Especially when it comes to computer vision models that take large data streams, like images or videos as input. One particularly interesting new offering by Microsoft is Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge. With this platform, users can run real-time AI video analytics on the edge and can also plug-in to existing video management systems (VMS) like CCTV and similar. Also, analytics can be processed on-the-edge or in combination with cloud services to adapt to the enterprise needs and incorporate cloud business logic. This has many use cases, including COVID-19 resilience which we covered here. Typically, AI models are pre-trained in the cloud and are then deployed to an edge device. This approach uses the best of both worlds where the power and scalability of the cloud is used during training and the short latency of the edge is used for real-time model inference / evaluation.

Edge computing is very relevant for the Internet of Things (IoT) in general. Combined with digital representations of physical assets (Digital Twins fueled by edge devices), IoT promises high value and cost savings for organizations. It is no surprise that other market research companies also include Digital Twins in their strategic technologies for 2021 and beyond. Also Microsoft is deeply investing in Digital Twins and IoT services as part of their ongoing $5bn investments in IoT.

Ready to experience Digital Twin technology for yourself? Valorem Reply developed the Digital Twin Experience which you can find in many Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) and Executive Briefing Centers (EBC) around the globe. Our IoT Digital Twin Experience lets you experience the art of what is possible through remote monitoring and equipment repair using Spatial Computing Mixed Reality (MR), IoT and Digital Twin technologies.

RoboticsRobotics is also an IoT and edge topic since mobile robots are basically IoT edge devices on the move. The Reply Network is on the leading edge of the robotics community of practice as part of a select group of globally managed Microsoft partners. We are also one of the few selected companies to be part of Boston Dynamics Early Adopter Program for their Spot robot system and are also at the forefront of other autonomous mobile robots working on a variety of exciting projects.

In fact, you can join us at Microsoft Ignite conference March 2-4, 2021 for a session I will be hosting along with IoT and Robotics experts Marek Matuszewski – my Cluster Reply colleague and fellow MVP, as well as Justin Jackson from Reply US which you might remember from his previous Ignite session IoT Continuum – Digital Twins. Once Ignite gets started, registered attendees will have access to our session via the catalog or here. In the session we will cover IoT, Digital Twins, AI, Robotics, Smart Maintenance, Mixed Reality (MR), Azure Spatial Anchors and the immense value they are providing when being combined for things like autonomous mobile robot navigation and much more. We’ll also be sharing lots of videos from some exciting new projects and much more:

Ignite is Microsoft’s largest customer event and will once again be completely digital this year with no cost to attend. It’s a great way to learn about all the Microsoft feature and product innovations out now or coming soon and also see how others in your industry are innovating and growing through Microsoft’s cloud solutions. In addition to our session, you can stop by our “virtual booth” (i.e. Partner Showcase Page) to learn more about all the work we’re doing with IoT, Mixed Reality, robotics and don’t forget to enter our giveaway for some cool prizes!


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