What is the Trend?

The trend is the emergence of AI, integrating and bringing AI into an environment and from a CISO perspective of strategically ensuring that your environment is prepared and ready for this new technology.

Why is this Trend important?

So, AI is kind of the new buzzword technology and it's creating a lot of consternation in the industry today and a lot of this just has to do around the media hype which is primarily focusing on generative AI. But there's more than just what's splashing the headlines and it's important because you have to have your governance, your security, and your strategy in place ahead of time. The biggest thing around AI is, it's not that, you know, are we going to use it? Because people are going to use it whether you do or not. But, it's how are we going to use it, what should we do with it and how do we best utilize it within our company and our environment without putting anything at risk or jeopardizing the security of the firm before, you know, we turn this on and give it to everybody.

What is Valorem Reply doing to prepare for this trend?

Well, here at Valorem Reply, we are kind of on the forefront both for Microsoft Copilot explicitly, because we're a partner, but we also have an internal team that specializes in the development of custom AI solutions and what we started doing last year was coordinating us in security with that team so that we can evaluate the needs and how to function and secure AI without interrupting business and it gives us then that practical knowledge and real-world testing that we can then pass along to our clients.