What is the Trend?

In recent years there's been rapid growth in the capability and scalability of low-code solutions such as the Microsoft Power Platform. As a team that works closely with both power plat and custom software development on Azure, we often see client teams wanting to explore a low-code future but not sure what the trade-offs really are. The trend we see is a continued increase in low-code capabilities but also an increase in situations some blend of custom and low code is required to fully meet the needs of the business.

Why is this Trend important?

Low-code solutions offer great promise such as the ability to rapidly develop and deploy using a cost-effective team that does little to no manual development. The maintenance of the platform is offloaded to a vendor who also provides built-in integration, standardized components and community service ecosystems. However, using a low-code solution does involve trade-offs and flexibility control over the codebase and limitations to the complexity of your business logic. There are potential scalability challenges depending on your geographic and performance projections and you are subject to the licensing requirements of the vendor.

What is Valorem Reply doing to prepare for this trend?

Valorem Reply can help a company establish a solid rubric for evaluating the suitability of a low-code platform for a given workload or portfolio. We can help our clients build a strategy that leverages the best of both approaches in an overall composable enterprise. We have extensive experience implementing Power Platform as well as building custom applications for our clients. We can help our clients identify where low-code approaches can bring efficiency and automation to routine operations and also identify where a company's most complex and unique requirements are best served with a custom solution. Our partnership with Microsoft can help us optimize a client's overall Azure spend and licensing costs producing the most efficient total cost of ownership over time for a given solution.