Bill - So the current trend that we're seeing in the marketplace is that there's low employee engagement and what this means is that you know the enthusiasm, the involvement of employees in their work or workplace isn't where companies want it to be today. Employees make decisions and take actions every day that can affect their workplace or you know their organization and you really want that to be a positive experience for your employees and for the way they take your company in regards. So that's really important to companies to have their workforce engaged, working in a good way, so it's just one of those things that we think is important and it could put your organization at risk if you have really low employee engagement.

So we're actually out there helping companies utilize the tools that they already own and even develop other solutions to encourage employee engagement you know. Many companies own tools that can help an employee with engagement. Microsoft teams is an example of that, which allows employees to collaborate together whether they're in an office or whether they're, you know, remote working. Some of the newer tools that are out there are Microsoft Viva, Viva connections, engagement or insights. But we're also building collaborative apps, you know, for ease to help employees access things like onboarding or even suggestion boxes. And we even have an app that we've written called converge which allows employees to find where other employees are so they can meet work together or even find that they're able to work in the same location.

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