So, one of the things that we are continuing to see is the Growing Democratization of AI Services. You know, with the objective of making AI as accessible as possible, making it a team sport. So, developing AI-powered solutions will in effect, be faster, will be easier. You know, when the benefit of AI can be achieved not just through custom AI models, but even through very simple API.


One of those things that we continue to hear from our customers is Time to Benefit. You know, also not everyone has the skills and the time and the resources in their team to create AI-powered experiences. So, the democratization of AI services specifically solves for these challenges. We believe that every app has the potential to be an intelligent app; every dashboard, every system, every software has the potential to be intelligent. Now, we can realize that potential thanks to a portfolio of AI services at our disposal.


As a Microsoft partner, we've been one of the early adopters for this technology. Our team continues to build both AI-first products and AI-enabled products or AI-infused products. Particularly using the Microsoft Azure AI stack, which includes Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Applied AI Services. You know we solve for specific business outcomes. Over the years, we've seen these platforms mature and enable us to build some, you know, truly intelligent experiences. So, we look forward to continue doing more with less.