Video Transcript:

"2019 marks our 10yr anniversary here at Valorem and to say the journey here has been anything short of amazing would be an understatement.

From our initial focus when we launched back in 2009 as a Cloud company focusing predominately on the business productivity suite with SharePoint and Exchange, to all the practices we have today including: Digital Transformation, User Experience and design, Immersive, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructure, and Modern Application Development; the growth has really been something that I’m super proud of.

A couple years ago we set out to really look at how we could improve upon our customer experience and did an acquisition that brought digital agency and user experience design to the forefront for us. It also yielded us our international growth and expansion in India and in Germany and Switzerland.

The last 10 years have really been incredible here at Valorem and now part of the Reply Network I can’t wait to see what we have in store for the next decade."


Video Transcript:

"Hi I’m Domnick Parretta and I’m the CEO of Valorem Reply.

As I stand here today on our 10th anniversary and look back over the past decade, I can’t believe how far Valorem has come as a company and how much the market has changed in those past 10 years.


When we began the company, Artificial Intelligence was just a fantasy and Cloud was just in its beginnings. And now we work with clients everyday using these technologies and many others to drive new paradigms, drive operational change and make digital transformation a reality. We couldn’t do this without our partners, the clients themselves and our wonderful colleagues around the world. When we started there was just a handful of us working out of our houses and now I get the opportunity to work with thousands of people in our company every day. It’s amazing where we’ve come form and it’s amazing where we are.

I want to thank each and every one of you from our clients and partners to our colleagues for being on this journey with us. I hope you stay with us on it for the next 10 years and I hope I’m here talking to at that time.

Thank you again and I appreciate you being a part of Valorem’s journey."