Steve: Hey everybody, welcome back to 3in3.


This week’s topic is Customer Insights, so let’s get started. With me I’ve got Sheryl Hampton, a Digital strategist with Valorem Reply and so, Sheryl, tell us a little bit about what is Customer Insights?


Sheryl: Sure, sure, so Dynamics Customer Insights is a customer data platform for Microsoft and it allows you to unify a bunch of different data sources, we see this really commonly with our clients where they have data in a bunch of different silos through different lines of business or customer support, CRM, marketing automation, that kind of thing. Customer Insights allows you to unify all of that data so that you have a 360-degree view of your customers and provide personalized experiences to them across the entire customer journey.


Steve: Excellent, yes, I can imagine that’s really important right now. Everyone wants to understand their customers much better. And so, now that we know a little bit about what it is, tell us why is [Dynamics 365 Customer Insights] interesting?


Sheryl: Sure, so Microsoft has done a great job in terms of making it easy to unify the data. The merging and matching of different data sources usually is what is really manual and time-intensive, but Customer Insights has automated a lot of that process to make it easier to get started.


As well, there’s an artificial intelligence piece that allows you to layer on some brand affinity, some hobbies, some interests to your customer data based on the demographics and geography. As well, there are some pre-built machine learning models that you can utilize and not have to start from scratch. So, for example you could apply a high-risk for churn sort of machine learning model to your data in the hospitality vertical, or a number of different verticals that they have pre-built and available to you.


Steve: Excellent, so if I were to summarize, they make it easy to combine a bunch of different sets of data and then make it easier to make decisions or to see insights from
the data.


Sheryl: Exactly.


Steve: So, now that we know a little bit about it and why it’s interesting, what should our viewers do about [Dynamics Customer Insights] today?


Sheryl: Well, you can contact Valorem and we can work with you to craft a two or so week proof of concept with Customer Insights so we’d be using your own data and we would be unifying it in ways that allow us to kind of proof out the concept.


If you’re not ready to move forward with that right now, that’s okay because we also offer a free of charge Customer Insights in a Day workshop where you and your data team really get a hands-on experience with Customer Insights and you can feel what it feels like to work with the product.


Steve: Excellent. Well that sounds like a fantastic way to get started. So, I would encourage everybody to take a look at Dynamics 365 Customer Insights today and reach out to us and our team at


Thanks a lot Sheryl and we’ll see everybody next time!


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