Steve: Hey everybody, welcome back to 3in3. The topic for this episode is Modern SharePoint Intranet and I’ve got Bill Feldker with me and he’s a cloud architect and a long time SharePoint developer and expert on all things Office 365, so let’s jump right in.


Bill, tell us a little bit about Modern SharePoint intranets. What is [Modern SharePoint intranets]?


Bill: So, basically what you’re doing is building a new intranet using the Modern SharePoint site templates. And the two new site templates that I’m talking about are modern team sights and communication sites.

Steve: So, it’s just a new way to build even better-looking sites using SharePoint as the foundation?


Bill: Yes.


Steve: Excellent. So, second question then is, why should our viewers care or be interested in Modern SharePoint intranet?


Bill: So, there’s a lot of reasons why Steve, but the first one is that its’ so much easier to edit and make changes for the users. Before, a lot of times, people were scared to make changes or things would fall of the side of the page and they didn’t know how to edit them. The pages are super simple to edit, so that’s probably the best thing. But there’s no need for master pages and page layouts. They can change the layouts themselves and there’s tons of web parts that are out of the box that Microsoft created that make it really easy to put a lot of the content that you would’ve already wanted to on your pages. And then Steve, the best part is they’re fully responsive. It works on your phone. It works on your iPad. It works on your laptop and it just works right out of the box.


Steve: Excellent. Those are three great reasons and music to my ears, and I know a lot of our viewers as well.


So, the last question is now that I know about it and I know why I should care about, what can I do, or should I do today to get started [with Modern SharePoint Intranets]?


Bill: So, a lot of our customers have intranets either in separate software or in an old SharePoint on-prem system. This is a great way to say 'hey, let’s start using our Office 365 subscription and let’s rebuild that in SharePoint online using these new templates that are there'. So, it just gives you a great way to get started and it’s easy.


Steve: Yes, that’s the key right there. It’s easy to get started and I know a lot of our customers are wanting to have more creative ways to communicate with their internal audiences and their employees about their culture. You know, drive the culture. And I think the modern SharePoint intranet is a great way to do it and a really great looking, easy to update, and a responsive way to do that.

So, thanks a lot Bill. I appreciate your time today and like with every other episode and topic that we talk about, if you want more information or you have questions about modern SharePoint intranet, just reach out to us at Thanks a lot Bill, we appreciate it, and we’ll see everybody next time.