Steve: Hey everybody, welcome back to 3in3. The topic this week is Windows Autopilot and with me I’ve got Tyler Plesetz who’s a Senior Consultant on the Digital Workplace team, so let’s jump right in.

Tyler, what is Windows Autopilot?

Tyler: Windows Autopilot is a service within Microsoft 365 that allows administrators to quickly and easily deploy PCs to their users with really minimal overhead and hands on time. So, it allows their users to get up and running with a new PC if they’re a new user or a replacement PC if they’re an existing user very quickly.

So, it’s both great for IT and for the end users because it’s a modern way to deploy new devices and get them up and running quickly.

Steve: Great, so question number two would be, now that we know about it and what it is, what is interesting about Windows Autopilot and why should customers be looking at it?

Tyler: So what’s really great about Windows Autopilot is with an increasingly growing mobile workforce, it allows users to receive a PC without having to spend a lot of hands-on time and have configuration with the admins and admins can deploy the PC to the user directly from the hardware vendor. So, you don’t even have to get it shipped to a corporate office first. You can send it straight from your hardware vendor directly to your user and as soon as they sign in they enter their corporate credentials and anything that’s relevant to them, their applications, that all comes straight down to their PC so that they can get to work right away.


Steve: Yes and as I understand it, if they’re getting a replacement device, the things that they were working on, the applications that they were using before, come along for the ride right away so they can get to work quickly?

Tyler: Yeah, so if you were working on something in the past and there’s a replacement PC for you, all of those documents and applications that you had before come right back.

Steve: Alright, so question number three then is what can or what should our customers start doing with Autopilot today?

Tyler: So, it’s really easy to get started with a pilot. So, what you can do is, you can start enrolling some existing devices that you have into the service and deploy them out to a few testing users just to get the feel for it and in the meantime you can also start working with your hardware vendor to see what it takes for them to integrate with Autopilot for your organization. Then, as you start to order new PCs for new users, that can be integrated into Autopilot right away as well.

Steve: Excellent. So, obviously, this is a huge time saver, a huge money saver. So, they should get started with a pilot and also reach out to their hardware vendors to see how they can incorporate Autopilot into their delivery mechanism and get started from there. And then certainly, if you want more information, we do Autopilot deployments for our customers and have a lot of experts, like Tyler, in this area, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for more information. Thanks Tyler, this has been great, and we’ll see you next time!