Imagine you're a savvy customer who knows exactly what you're looking for online. You're on a mission to find the best product or service that suits your needs, but you're faced with a sea of options, confusing language, and a lack of clarity. What you don’t want is to waste time scrolling through endless websites, filling out tiresome forms, or playing email ping-pong with customer service. What you do need is a seamless, personalized experience that gives you instant answers and quick solutions.

Now imagine you're a business owner who's invested everything in your phenomenal products. You know that lack of information, slow response time, and poor customer service can hurt your bottom line. You know that data analysis is crucial to providing excellent online customer service. However, it can be a significant challenge, especially for small or medium-sized businesses lacking the resources or expertise. The last thing you want is to spend valuable time and resources on collecting and analyzing data without a clear plan for how to use it to improve your business. What you do want is to provide exceptional customer service that engages customers, improves your online presence, and ultimately grows your business.

What if there was a way to achieve all these goals with one simple tool? A tool that can not only provide 24/7 availability, faster and efficient processes, and better customer insights but also increase sales, generate more leads, save costs, and improve customer engagement. A tool that can bring significant ROI with minimal effort, making a real difference to your business and your customers alike.

Customer AssistIntroducing Customer Assist - an AI-powered Virtual Assistant that leverages Azure Open AI (GPT/ChatGPT) to create a truly innovative customer experience and bring significant ROI with minimal effort.

Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot Now More Than Ever
Gartner predicts that by 2027, chatbots will become the primary customer service channel for a quarter of all organizations. Chatbots have been a mainstay in the technology industry for quite some time now, and there seems no sign of them slowing down anytime soon. The question that naturally arises is "why?" Why are chatbots becoming increasingly popular among businesses and consumers alike?

Chatbots are being used by businesses to provide 24/7 customer support, reduce response time, and improve customer satisfaction. They can help businesses reduce operational costs by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up human resources for more complex issues. They can also help businesses increase revenue by generating more leads and conversions through personalized recommendations and upselling opportunities. Furthermore, businesses can improve customer loyalty by providing consistent and engaging interactions across multiple channels.

But there's more to their appeal than just their 24/7 availability and their ability to handle a high volume of concurrent inquiries. So, here's why we think chatbots are here to stay.

Conversation is the oldest and most intuitive form of communication ever known to humankind. It is the fundamental way we express ourselves, connect with others, and learn from the world around us. There is nothing that can beat the simplicity, familiarity, and universality of this proven paradigm.

Now, imagine if we could harness the power of our most natural communication method, conversation, and elevate it to create innovative and transformative experiences. With the release of Azure ChatGPT, the opportunity had accelerated. This is why we built Customer Assist from the ground up. We're seeing a paradigm shift where machines are taking on the responsibility of understanding and comprehension, which allows us to focus more on building meaningful relationships with our customers. We’re betting on it. Let us tell you how.

Why Valorem Reply’s Customer Assist?
Since the early days of the Microsoft Bot Framework in 2016, we've been hard at work building and perfecting our Virtual Assistants. We took Satya Nadella's statement at the Build 2016 keynote address that "Bots are the new apps" to heart and have been dedicated to delivering on that promise ever since.

Through countless hours of research, development, and testing, we've honed our craft and created Virtual Assistants that are intuitive, efficient, and effective. We've learned from our experiences and refined our approach, always striving to stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving field.

Over the years we’ve built virtual assistants of all shapes, forms, and sizes, and we can tell you that each one is truly unique. However, through our experience, we will also tell you that behind every successful assistant is a set of common patterns, workflows, and technologies. Drawing on this expertise, and real-world engagements with customers, we identified and abstracted the most crucial design aspects and the core capabilities that drive a robust bot to develop the Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator (VASA).

The Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator (VASA) is a game-changer when it comes to building intelligent assistants. It provides us with a powerful platform and the ability to build assistants at lightning speed, without sacrificing quality or scalability.
Customer AssistWith VASA, we've done all the technical heavy lifting for you, so why start from scratch when you can leverage our pre-built components? Customer Assist, for example, comes with a range of features, including dialog components, feedback modules, notifications, and advanced AI features based on Azure Open AI (GPT/ChatGPT) for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and response generation. It also supports multimodal capabilities, including text, tap, and voice, and provides business users with actionable insights through Power BI reports for bot analytics and conversational insights.

VASA includes three variants - Employee Assist, Customer Assist, and Biz Assist - that support B2E, B2C, and B2B use cases, respectively. We will cover Employee Assist and Biz Assist in future posts.

Customer Assist, the B2C variant, provides you a solution that enhances your customers’ digital experience by answering inquiries, providing personalized recommendations, and streamlining operations while equally helping the business make informed decisions through valuable data and analytics. Let’s look at who it’s for.

Every business deserves a virtual assistant
That’s right. We believe that every business deserves a virtual assistant. Customer Assist is well suited for organizations of all sizes looking to streamline operations, cut costs, provide a better user experience, and differentiate. Every day, we are imagining new and exciting ways to use Azure Open AI (GPT/ ChatGPT) to improve the lives of our customers and our customers’ customers. The possibilities are endless.
customer assist
Azure Open AI-powered chatbots provide personalized customer service, support, and recommendations across various industries. They can help retailers with personalized product recommendations and real-time inventory updates, assist students and educators with personalized study tips and course recommendations, connect non-profits with donors and volunteers, optimize operations and achieve growth goals for software digital platforms, provide personalized customer service for e-commerce businesses, and assist travelers and hospitality businesses with booking and reservations, travel itineraries, and personalized recommendations.

Valorem Reply received initial access to Microsoft’s Azure Open AI Service. Azure Open AI requires registration and is currently only available to managed customers and partners working with Microsoft account teams. We’ve been integrating its capabilities into VASA including the Azure ChatGPT feature that was recently released. With the release of GPT-4 in Azure Open AI, we are excited about the possibilities. Stay tuned for more updates on that!

At our core, we're problem-solvers. That's why we've developed a unique approach to building virtual assistants that is both fast and effective. With the Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator (VASA), we can deploy a standard virtual assistant on your portal in weeks, not months.

But we're not just about speed - we're also dedicated to delivering solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Bring us your business case, and we'll work closely with you to identify the right solution for you. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way, from planning and design to implementation and ongoing support.

Ask us how Customer Assist can provide your customers with a seamless and personalized digital experience that meets their unique needs while providing the business with the insights that drive better decision-making.