Databricks is a unified analytics platform, from the originators of Apache Spark, that fuses data science, engineering and business outcomes across the Machine Learning (ML) lifecycle. From data prep to experimentation and deployment of ML applications, Databricks provides a consolidated analytics platform to speed up innovation and productivity. Recently, Valorem Reply took the next step in our journey to solve even the biggest business challenges by becoming a Databricks partner! Adding the power of this next generation data platform to our existing Digital Insights expertise will revolutionize what is possible through Big Data and extract maximum value for our clients.


“We realized quickly the value Databricks technology could bring to our clients. Their ability to manage larger data sets, deliver globally and integrate with leading Microsoft technologies aligned them perfectly to our Digital Insights practice and the business transformation services we provide. Through this partnership, we can better support organizations with massive amounts of data, delivering faster business insights, regardless of the process and query size.”

-Andrew Fletcher, Vice President Digital Insights, Valorem Reply


As a Databricks Systems Integration Premier Partner, Valorem Reply can now access advanced training and gain early insight into future innovation plans through Databricks quarterly technology briefings. Our partnership also allows us to participate in the Customer Advisory Board to help mold the future of this exciting technology and its ability to meet growing data needs of some of the world’s top organizations.


“Databricks unified analytics platform is going to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation journey multiple folds. With the ability to process any form of data in batch or real-time at internet scale, enterprises gain faster and deeper insight into their business without concern for underlying infrastructure and maintenance, while meeting stringent data security measures. Looking forward, the ability to productionize AI/ML models through Databricks, regardless of the tool the models were built on, will enable our clients to operationalize and leverage emerging tech at an even faster pace to get ahead of the competition and gain market share.”

- Mohammed Rafi, Director of Digital Insights, Valorem Reply


Valorem’s Databricks certified professionals will work closely with Databricks Unified Analytics experts, architects, engineers and sales resources to customize data roadmaps and strategies specific to our client’s environment and challenges. This collaboration not only ensures success and efficiency for our customer’s data initiatives but also adds scale, velocity and expertise to our Digital Insights team for even the biggest data challenges.


With partner access to the Databricks platform and experts, our Databricks Platform Modernization Workshops and Databricks in a Day Workshops go beyond the typical product training for hands-on learning that drives adoption. Learn more about how our training, advisory and deployment solutions can help you create a fully managed, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure that reduces operational complexity and total cost of data ownership for your organization.