Erin - I think the two that I'm most excited about are the advancements with the Lakehouse - Lakehouse IQ and Lakehouse AI, are both going to be really exciting initiatives that I can't wait to talk to our customers about. Lakehouse IQ, for example, is a natural language engine that learns your business and allows you to have the power of interacting with your data using natural language, using English. For me, this is exciting because it really gives us the power to let everyday people interact with data, not just data analysts and data specialists.

Neelima – So, I was following on the Unity Catalogue and all the new aspects they have introduced in that. So the first one was Lakehouse Federation, where they are letting the users discover data from not just the Lakehouse and the Databricks but you can connect your data sets from SQL, Google BigQuery, Azure SQL databases Snowflake and it's all available in the catalog and you can discover tag and govern permissions for those data sets. So that was really a good use case and apart from that they also had this governance for AI in the pipeline. So, you can have your model registry and feature stores side by side with your data sets and you can have a holistic view of your data estate.

Erin - I loved seeing how Databricks has grown over the years that we've been involved with them. As a company, they've grown obviously but their user base and the people who are really driving innovation and ideas through Databricks have grown as well, and now when you go to these conferences there's just a massive amount of people there, all with different ideas and different use cases and it's really exciting to see how other companies are improving their business and their use of Databricks. And of course, we're here! We're Databricks specialists. So if you have any questions, if you want to get started on Databricks, or if you just want to know what it is and how it can fit into your business, happily reach out! We always love to talk and talk data so we will hop on a phone with you and help you out in any way you need.