Valorem Reply is a proud sponsor of Microsoft DigiGirlz Day, a one-day event hosted in cities around the world that gives middle and high school girls a chance to interact with Microsoft employees and technology leaders in their communities. The goal is to show the female leaders of tomorrow the types of careers available to them in technology and help them understand what it is like to work in the technology field.


Valorem has been a sponsor for the past four years and just as the years before, our team had a blast demonstrating HoloLens technology and mixed reality applications at the 2019 Overland Park, KS DigiGirlz Day. Check out what each of our participants had to say about the event.


What is DigiGirlz and why is it so important?

What types of technology are DigiGirlz Day attendees able to explore and how did they react?

What were attendees most interested to learn during the networking session?

It was such a fun and rewarding day for the Valorem Reply team members who participated! Here’s our full video recap of the day: